Picture of the entry of a Reiffeisen branch in Russia

Raiffeisen Bank, pull out of Russia!

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WeMove Europe is a values-based community of Europeans spread across the continent that seeks to build people power to transform Europe in the name of all people, future generations and the planet.

Right now, the world is in crisis. But with our help, that can all change.

Our political system has served the elite and maximised profit for too long, and now we’re seeing devastating effects on our environment, our economy, our democracy, and our everyday lives. That’s because the systems that are currently in place are built to benefit the rich and powerful. We want a better Europe. One that takes climate action seriously, puts well-being first, welcomes those seeking refuge with open arms, listens to the needs of people, and protects nature.

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A Europe for people and planet

Our campaigns are rooted in our mission and vision for Europe. We believe that politics in Europe needs to put people and planet first. We also believe that people have the power to make that change. When we move together, a Europe that puts people and planet first becomes possible.

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What would you like to change in Europe? You Move Europe puts the power to make Europe a better place in your hands. This is your space to run campaigns about the issues you care about. You just need an idea, be it small, big or revolutionary, and You Move Europe will help you make it a reality.

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Uber, defeated by workers!

For the first time in history, people working for giant platforms like Uber get the same rights as other workers. It’s a game changer for…

Protest for "only yes means yes"

The feminist future we deserve

In mid January we made history: the EU agreed on its first law on violence against women. This means that, once approved, all European member…

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January 15, 2024Campaign Update

Holding off the monster

The rules of the game have finally changed! For decades big business held all the cards. No matter the damage they did to our forests, rivers and communities, in their greedy hunt for profits, we…

An activist's speech
November 20, 2023Campaign Update

An activist's speech

Marta Asensio, activist and survivor of rape by chemical submission, gave this speech in the European Parliament during an event organised by We Move Europe and the European Women's Lobby in the context of our…

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